Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. Refund & Cancellation Policy

We happily offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee (7 calendar days) on our subscription plans with no questions asked. However, the following conditions apply:

Multiple refunds will not be offered if a subscriber signs up more than once.

If you have not installed the system within the 7 calendar days we will do a refund, if however, you have installed the system and had access to the proprietary software and training portal within 7 days from date of subscription we will not be able to offer a refund as you have accessed our unique trading software and training portal and has privy information regarding our system and strategy.

The minimum subscription period is 3 calendar months. Due to the nature of our software system and the accompanied training program you will need to finish the initial 3-month period to give yourself a fair chance to understand the system and thoroughly go through the training material and familiarize yourself with it. After the initial 7-day cancellation period with full refund option you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time. If your cancellation falls within the first 3-month period you will be able to cancel the subscription, but you will still have access to both the Tsunami Pro Trader software as well as the training portal for the remainder of your initial 3-month period as you have paid for the initial subscription period of 3 months. If you cancel your subscription after the initial 3-month period and before or on the 20th of the month your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect, and you will have limited access to the Tsunami Pro Trader software and training portal up to the end of that specific calendar month after which all access will be cancelled.

It normally takes years to become a successful trader. By subscribing to our software and training program you will be able to achieve that objective in a couple of months. We do require a minimum period of 3-months as you will require at least 30 days to go through the training material and another 30 days to go through the process of testing your newly acquired skills on the live markets by trading with a demo/practice account and lastly transitioning to a successful live trader trading real money. Give yourself a fair chance as we are not selling a get rich quick scheme but rather a new skill that will enhance your life. Achieving this takes time, perseverance, and a willingness to commit to achieve the results.

Our objective is to provide you with our services for a very long time. The only way to do this is to assure your success. We are committed to achieve this goal with you and will endeavor to assist you along the way. It does however remain your prerogative to cancel this subscription at any stage and such cancellation will be subject to the terms as set out in this refund and cancellation policy.