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The provisions as set out in this disclaimer shall apply to the affiliates or representatives of each Party.

If you disagree with any of Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. Terms and Conditions please refrain from using our site or any of our services. Please note that your continued use of our site or any of the content or services offered on our site indicates that you are accepting our Terms and Conditions as stated in our policies.

Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. may refer to past performances achieved by our clients, please note that these performances are not typical and any reference to past performances are not to be mistaken as any guarantee or warrantee that the same results or performances will be replicated by you.

All results or performances posted will be genuine and verified results and Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. will be able to substantiate these results or performances if so required.

Trading is risky and most statistics shows that most of day traders will NOT be successful.

Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. does not have access to any clients’ trading accounts or records. We do not accept responsibility for any losses incurred by any clients based on any information or services provided by us. We do not manage nor execute any trades for or on behalf of any clients, and should any representative or staff member make any such claims or promise any specific returns we will kindly ask you to report such activities on: admin@tsunami-tradingss.com or admin@tsunami-trading.co.za.

Tsunami Pro Trader system generates Indicators based on the behavior of specific Instruments selected by the Client via the Platform and based on real time data received from the Market. The indicators are intended to inform the Client about the way the Market typically behaves within predefined parameters. Tsunami Pro Trader does not consider the Client’s personal objectives, circumstances and/or needs. Moreover, there are various real-world factors or fundamentals that may influence the behavior of Instruments which Tsunami Pro Trader is unable to consider when generating Indicators. Accordingly, Tsunami Pro Trader must be utilized as a guide for good practice and the Client must consider its own objectives, circumstances or needs, before deciding to use Tsunami Pro Trader, apply the Trading Strategy as well as performing Transactions.

All Market Data is subject to change at any time and without notice. The Client acknowledges that the trading of Instruments on the Platform may become volatile very quickly and without warning. Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. cannot be held liable for any loss, cost or charge incurred directly or indirectly from the performance of the Client’s Transactions and does not accept liability for any loss or damage, including, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of, or reliance on the Market Data or any Indicator/Strategy provided by Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc.

Trading is risky and making the decision to do a transaction solely vests with the Client and Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. can therefore not take responsibility nor accept any liability for any transactions executed by the Client.

Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. does not provide advice on the merits or suitability of any Transaction, however Tsunami Pro Trader will provide information automatically generated based on the historic behaviour of the Instruments selected by the Client.

Tsunami Pro Trader shall automatically monitor the status of the Instrument selected by the Client but does not instruct or advise the Client on any Transaction or how to proceed with such Transaction.

The methodology applied by Tsunami Pro Trader in generating the Indicators makes exclusive use of the historical data drawn by the Platform from the Market. Accordingly, all Indicators are based on historical Market Data. In the event Market Data moves outside of a historical range, the Indicators shall indicate that the level at which the Instrument is currently trading is outside the functioning parameters of Tsunami Pro Trader. The Client acknowledges and understands that past Market performance does not guarantee future Market behavior.

Any trade executed or money invested in any trading venture is solely done at the client’s own risk.

Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. merely provides information for educational purposes on building a good strategy based on good analytic trading principals and in no way to be constituted as investment advice.

It has been conclusively proven that traders learn how to trade the stock market much quicker by making use of information and systems provided by Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc., as opposed to other information available in the market. This however is NOT a guarantee or warrantee that every client will be successful, as Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. cannot be held liable for any clients’ interpretation of our systems, strategies or any information provided by us.

Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. undertakes to assist every client to the best of our abilities to obtain success and become successful traders by providing them with extraordinary tools and information we have developed to navigate trading on a day-to-day basis.

Becoming a successful trader takes time and dedication. Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. suggests a minimum trial period of 3 months to be able to complete the training provided, learning the strategies and practicing obtaining the desired results. It is NOT usual to learn to trade successfully in such a short period of time and it should be noted that some clients will become successful much quicker than others and some clients might be less successful. Please set realistic goals when deciding to start trading and build the patience required to be a successful trader. Trading is risky and very stressful, please understand that it is not advisable to start trading if you are experiencing any stressful events, the added stress will just be compounded and have a negative effect on your results. Having a clear and realistic understanding of your expectations will help you realise your goals much easier. Understand that you could lose your entire investment. It is not advisable to trade with borrowed money, nor trade for any third parties making any material promises based on any information, products or services provided by Tsunami Systems & Strategies, Inc. All monies vested in trading should be seen as risk capital and should not derive from essential savings or income required for sustained daily living expenses.

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